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a bit about Jon...

From the early 90's to today Jon's experience spans multimedia tutoring, desktop publishing, writing, proofing, commercial CD-ROM creation, website architecture & design, team management & client consulting.

Jon, Director of User Experience at G2 Interactive, has been with the company's recently-acquired Refinery five years. He was previously Manager of Experience Design at Destiny WebSolutions in Conshohocken, where he introduced user-centered design practices.

Prior to that, he worked for Engineering Animation Inc. (EAI) as a CD-ROM and web site projects coordinator and programmer, doing technical requirements, development, as well as team and client management.

Jon got his start in interactive at the University of Arkansas Computing Services' Multimedia Resource Center (MMRC) with a variety of duties including training others in Photoshop and Quark XPress, video digitizing and compression, and running the Macromedia Director Listserv, DIRECT-L. But that was back when he had time to read the Apple Human Interface Guidelines and participate in beta test programs for Macromedia and Apple... while on the clock, between classes. Thanks boss.

Tokyo Trip 2006
Jon Ashley's Japan Fall 2006 photoset Jon Ashley's
Japan Fall 2006 photoset
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